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Some of the comments I have received concerning the work done at CTWC:

"I receive reflexology monthly.  At first the benefits I received were relaxation and pain relief in my feet. (I am a nurse and am on my feet a lot.)  Now the benefits are spinal alignment, toxins eliminated through bowel and bladder, relaxation, and I sleep like a baby."   Jeaneatte H., Sandia Park

"Foot reflexology is a wonderful therapy for stress reduction.  It has also helped me to manage my health by identifying emerging health issues such as digestive or sinus problems.  The night (of) a reflexology treatment, I sleep like a baby.  I have been coming to Linda Kallish for 20 years, and have the utmost confidence and respect for her knowledge and skill."   Robyn H.,  Albuquerque   

"Over the years, Linda has helped three generations of our family with her amazing healing skills.  Often she corrected a condition after medical procedures did not work or surgery had been advised.  We all feel much gratitude for our 'Miracle Lady'".   D.,B.,T.,B. and R. Hartshorn,  Los Lunas

("I would like to add a personal p.s.  Beyond your skills with physical healing, being with someone who has such love for life, God and country is also healing for the soul."  D. Hartshorn)

"I've been taking the water soluble vitamin -- great with 4 oz. or so of water for about three weeks and find they have helped with my energy levels at work and  for me, taking a liquid vitamin is easier than taking a pill.  Debra L.,  Edgewood

"I've been fairly healthy most of my life, but when I recently hurt my knee at work, I asked Linda if she might be able to help.  After just a few sessions, my knee no longer bothers me and I feel great."   Debra L., Edgewood

"Linda Kallish gives the best deep tissue massage of any massage therapist I've ever been to.  After hours of sitting in front of a computer, day after day, my neck and shoulders are full of knots.  Linda works out the knots and makes me feel human again."   Kate J., Albuquerque

I have been a patient of LINDA KALLISH for over 15 years and consider that I have benefitted greatly by her work on muscle tone, performed weekly.  I am over 88 years old, live independently, walk without aid of a cane, and drive.  I tend to doubt that I would be in such condition if it were not for her efforts.  Sincerely,"   Barbara W.,  Albuquerque