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Heavy Metal Assessment

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The Heavy Metal Detoxification Assessment Test is a reliable urine-based assessment method for measuring the unbound or free metal ions in the body, i.e., those metal ions that have not been neutralized by the body.  These are the metal ions that are toxic to our body and indicate that the body's detoxification capacities are compromised or exhausted.  The overproduction of these ions (also called free radicals) is the major reason for all degenerative diseases.  Heavy metals also contribute directly or indirectly to 80-90% of all chronic disease. 

These charged particles primarily come from:

  • Certain foods, environmental polutants, dental fillings, incinerators
  • Antibiotics
  • Vaccines
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Excess of stored iron
  • Ultra-violet light from sunlight, tanning booths, etc.
  • Air pollution
  • Chemicals such as organic solvents, pesticides and drugs
  • Negative emotional stress
  • Too high an intake of supplements 

The overall result of the accumulation of unbound metal ions is the acidification of the tissues of the body, causing all metabolic and digestive processes to slow down, kidney function to diminish and all enzyme activity to decrease.  This sets up a perfect terrain for chronic inflammation, a major source of free radical production -- the proverbial snowball rolling down hill.  Ultimately, this can lead to increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels, adrenal and thyroid exhaustion and yeast infection. 

In addition, heavy metals can displace the minerals our bodies need to function properly, resulting in irregular heartbeat (magnesium); anemia (iron); anemia, thyroid and digestive problems, scoliosis (copper); anorexia, taste impairment, libido problems, PMS (zinc); thyroid problems (iodine).  In fact, heavy metals can translate in the body to allergies  -  autoimmune disease  -  skin problems  -  high cholesterol  -  cancer  -  weight gain  -  depression  -  immune suppression  -  chronic pain  -  digestive problems  -  hormone problems  -  chronic fatique  -  thyroid imbalances  -  diabetes  -  Alzheimer's  -  MS  -  ALS  -  Autism  -  Parkinson's  -  Libido problems  -  PMS  -  prostate problems.

Mercury toxicity has been linked to anemia, inflamed gums, memory loss, anorexia, vomiting, depression, "dropsies", dermatitis, weakness, headaches, fatique, weight loss. 

Lead toxicity has been linked to abdominal pain, anemia, bone pain, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, anorexia, hypertension, brain damage, indigestion, irritability, tremors, loss of appetite, muscle pain, weakness, vomiting.

Arsenic toxicity has been linked to abdominal pain, nausea, burning mouth and throat, diarrhea, skin lesions, coma, lung and skin cancer, vascular problems.

Cadmium toxicity has been linked to anemia, dry scaly skin, emphysema, fatique, hair loss, lung cancer, yellow teeth, depressed immune system, heart disease, hypertension, joint pain, kidney stones, loss of smell, back and leg pain.

Aluminum toxicity has been linked to colic, esophagitis, muscle pain, psychosis, gastroenteritis, loss of appetite, liver dysfunction, kidney damage, shortness of breath, loss of balance, dementia.

Nickel toxicity has been linked to apathy, blue lips, shortness of breath, gingivitis, insomnia, nausea, contact dermatitis, skin rashes, vomiting, certain types of cancer, rapid heart rate.

With this simple in-office heavy metal detoxification assessment test, the unbound heavy metal ions in the body can be measured, thereby determining the body's detoxification capacities.  Traditional methods like hair testing or the spectrometric system do not differentiate between bound and unbound metal ions.  This differentiation is crucial in the overall assessment, since only the unbound metal ions are toxic to the body.